To begin click the “Talent” section in the left menu.

In the Talent section you will see sample Bertram G. profile. Please review it and use as a reference ONLY. 

Below are few key points on what to do after you click ‘Add new’ button and why they are important.

1. Try to fill out all the sections of the profile

2. Fill in the basic info and add a photo

Remember: smile is the best make-up ;) Decision on adding the photo is up to you, although our customer development interviews have shown that photos increase credibility of the profile. So don’t forget to toggle photo visibility to platform users.

3. Add one-liner

This is the first thing users will see about this talent. Give them an idea of his/her core expertise and main strong points.

4. Add summary

A "sales pitch" for the talent. Give a short overview of their tech skills, background, and experience. Emphasise the strong points and give some attention to the soft skills.

5. Set hourly rate 

The rates must be set in USD. You can also offer discounts for long-term projects.

6. Add 6 core technologies the engineer has most experience in

“Core technologies” - is the main section search results are based on. Don’t omit "Categories" as well. These should complement the engineer’s tech stack to cover a wide variety of requests.

7. Fill in the “Other technologies” section

It is a detailed tech stack of the engineer. Add the technologies the engineer has worked with.

8. Add projects in the ‘Portfolio’ section

Add the most exciting projects the engineer worked on. Creating a strong portfolio of the developer really pays you off. It greatly increases the visibility of the profile, helps it stand out and allows the client to make a decision quicker and more efficiently. The more projects you add - the better.

*tips & tricks from YouTeam. Judging from our experience, it is safe to say that the client's choices are frequently influenced by visuals in developers' profiles. The recent marketing data has shown that the profile with visuals in portfolio has 2x conversion rate compared with the profile without ones.

9. Fill in the “Education” section

10. Сhange profile status to PUBLISHED

Finish profile filling and publish it by changing the status to “Published”. Don’t forget to save changes!  

If the developer has become unavailable, just change the "Booked" status from "No" to "Yes". As YouTeam platform along with the profiles you place there serve as a lead generation tool allowing the client to get in touch with your company, there is no need to hide profiles by changing the status to “Unpublished”.

And finally, make sure the specialists’ profile is regularly updated. 

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