The users of can message you directly after getting interested in your agency specialists' profiles (i.e.: - 'Contact Andres' button).

1. Client sends a message

Once the client sends a message to your company developer, an email notification will be sent to all staff members who have manager accounts at YouTeam.

Make sure that all your staff responsible for lead processing have manager accounts at YouTeam. Unlike general platform users, these accounts provide access to the management console and are invitation-only, so please send us names and emails of the managers you would like to add ASAP.

2. You can join chat by clicking the 'REPLY' button

Please do not reply to the notification emails - currently these replies are not forwarded to the leads. 

In case you want to revisit your messaging history later, just click on the “Messages” section in the management console.

3. After one of the managers responds to the client's message, further email notifications will be received by this manager only

But you still can check all the messages in the ‘Messages’ section :)

To change the people who receive the notifications - please contact YouTeam Partner Relations specialist using the website's chat ( or via email.

Tips on best practices from YouTeam

Here are some best practices based on our own experience:

1. Response time. It's best to respond to the leads asap (within the first few hours) - they tend to cool down quickly and YouTeam is not the only tool they are using to find help realising their projects. The first replies usually take just a few minutes, but play a crucial role in lead-vendor engagements on our platform.

2. Reply from. You'll be replying to the lead as the person whose email was used when you logged in to YouTeam. If you used your email - the lead will see your name on your messenger's profile icon.

3. Lead's questions
. Please reply to leads questions in the first message trying to be as informative as possible (providing additional info on the contacted specialist's experience, links to projects etc.). Feel free to share the contacted specialist's GitHub / Behance profile links to show off their skills. The leads will probably ignore vague statements and questions (i.e. 'this candidate will do the best job' and 'could you give us more info?').

4. How to quickly progress with the leads

a) your initial goal is to pre-qualify the lead while the lead's goal is to talk to the selected candidate. In order to marry both goals, decide on a few key questions that would allow you to set up the interview call, get them answered (if the lead hasn't already provided this key info) and move on, i.e.:   

  • lead's company website (so you could then research the social networks, Crunchbase for funding etc.),    
  • plans, tasks the contacted candidate would be helping the lead with (or the approximate time the specialist is needed for),   
  • technical experts on his team etc.

b) your lead is probably using YouTeam for the first time + he might not be that experienced in working with outsourcing agencies. Guide the lead to the interview call with his contacted specialist with additional info and questions that show your interest in the collaboration, candidate's expertise and expertise of the company in general. Try to think like your potential customer: if you've got a particular project in mind, what info would you like to know about the candidate that might help you with it? 

Please mind that the leads usually want to get to the interviews as quickly as possible and any additional communication (especially since it's not happening with the contacted candidates directly) is considered a blocker by them.

5. Replacements. If the specialist the new lead has contacted isn't currently available - kindly explain the reason & suggest replacements right away.

To keep things professional, in case of a replacement share a YouTeam profile with the lead, not a regular CV, because the lead will be comparing the info on the two profiles, looking for alternative specialists on the platform and comparing them to the replacement candidate - make the decision about the interview call easier for the lead by giving him what he's expecting and is familiar with.

6. Follow-ups. Please mind the lead might miss a notification about your message to him or might forget to respond, so feel free to follow-up multiple times as you'd usually do with a lead from a different channel.

7. YouTeam support 

  • Should you have technical problems with YouTeam Messenger - please contact YouTeam Partner Relations specialist using the website's chat ( or via email.
  • In case you have lead communication issues (a lead doesn't get back to you after your initial reply and follow-ups) - please contact YouTeam Sales support using the website's chat ( or via email ( or We're happy to follow-up with the lead from our side and help with any questions you might have.
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