These prohibited service provider activities and actions guidelines are established to maintain the safe and fair marketplace. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in suspension from the use of YouTeam platform (and affiliated websites), the removal of marketing and listing privileges and the account cancellation.

The following guidelines apply to the service providers (“you”, “your”, “agency”, the “Approved Contractor”).

⚠️ This policy is in addition to, and in no way limits, your other obligations pursuant to Referral Agreement or otherwise. Any term not otherwise defined herein, shall have the meaning specified in the Referral Agreement.

Attempts to divert the Customers

Any attempt to divert YouTeam platform (and affiliated websites) users to another website or services, in particular but not limited to advertisements, marketing messages or offers that lead, prompt, or encourage users to leave YouTeam platform, is prohibited. This may include the inclusion of email, chat IDs, hyperlinks, URLs, or web addresses associated with your agency within the talent profiles.

Invoices and payments outside of YouTeam

All invoices must be issued to the Customer using the invoicing system available at your account. All payments between the Customer and your agency must happen through YouTeam. Receiving payments from the Customers directly without YouTeam’s prior written consent, as well as any action that encourages or solicits payment from the Customer directly or through any channels other than those provided or specified by YouTeam is considered circumvention and therefore constitutes a violation of Referral agreement (for more details see 'Non-circumvention' clause of the Referral Agreement).

You must immediately notify YouTeam if the Customer requests to make any such payment directly, since engaging in circumvention will result in account cancellation and penalties.

Improper legal and business names

Agency legal name and information must be accurate and verifiable. YouTeam reserves the right to request agency’s incorporation, registration or other documents deemed necessary in order to verify their counterparty.

Agency business name must be the name that accurately identifies the agency, is not misleading and that agency has the right to use.

Misleading and outdated information

Don't provide inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or irrelevant information. Make sure the information you provide comply with the following principles:

  • Talent profile on YouTeam platform must represent real human being.
  • Talent skills and qualifications must be accurately described.
  • Agency manager should keep the agency and talent profiles (in particular, talent availability and rate) regularly updated.

In the event of a first-time violation of any of the aforementioned principles, the agency listing rating will be downgraded. If the violation occurs again, YouTeam might be forced to suspend or cancel agency account.

In the event the agency or talent profile contains offensive, illegal terms or the terms added in order to manipulate the search results, YouTeam reserves the right to delete such profile, suspend or cancel agency account.

Misrepresentation of qualifications and failure to perform the Works

If you agree to enter into the agreement with the Customer, you promise to complete the Works and perform them with reasonable care and skill. You must accurately describe the services agency offers and the level of qualification of the Personnel to be involved in the performance of the Works. Failure to do the aforementioned may result in low customer satisfaction and invoke disputes.

Inappropriate treatment of the Customers and their data

Ensure you communicate with respect and courtesy. Unsolicited emails to the Customers (with the exception of emails necessary for the purpose of fulfilling contract responsibilities) and emails related to marketing communications of any kind are prohibited.

Unless with the prior authorisation of the Customer, you may not use, pass or otherwise share with the third parties the Customer’s information of any kind.

Rate manipulation

Discrepancies between the rates outlined in talent profiles and the rates communicated by the agency manager over the course of engagement with the Customer in that regard are prohibited.

Illegal activities

If YouTeam determines that any of the user accounts associated with your agency has been used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, payments received for the Customers may be withheld or forfeited.

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