Money flow through YouTeam

  1. Log in into your account

2. Click on your profile name in the right top corner, then click “invoices” 

3. Click “pay”

4. Select “ACH” as your payment type

5. Enter your account details in the Pay Invoice pop-up.

6. Log in to your online banking and check the account statement. YouTeam’s payment services provider FlutterWave / Stripe will add two random debits to your account: each between $1 and $2. Usually, the debits become visible in your account statement within 1 business day.


7. Check your email: right after you started the authorization procedure, FlutterWave / Stripe will have emailed you a link to the ACH procedure completion. The email subject is “ACH Transaction on YouTeam”. Please click on the link in the email to finalize the payment.


8. After you click on the link you will see the page with two input fields, asking to provide the amounts of the debits. Enter the amounts from your bank statement and press “Complete Transaction” to finalize the payment.

9. Once YouTeam receives the funds you shall receive a notification e-mail 

If you’re not sure whether you received one, you may check the invoice status in your account.

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