Please contact YouTeam's Customer Success Specialist assigned to your project with any questions.


The work can not start until the Contract is signed and Invoice is issued on the platform. The whole process usually takes about 1 week:


You sign a direct contract with the customer. YouTeam provides you with standard contract templates.

You can negotiate the contract and payment terms directly with the customer.


Payments on YouTeam projects go through YouTeam Escrow.

The funds are transferred from YouTeam Escrow to your company after the end of each invoicing period you and the customer have agreed upon + 5 business days that are given to the customer for written objections about the services received to YouTeam.


A. The standard payment scheme for time&material contracts (when the customer pays for the hours hired specialists work) is advance fortnightly payments. Example:

  • your company invoices the customer every 2 weeks for the next 2 weeks in advance based on the agreed number of hours the hired specialists will be working for (according to sprints basically),
  • the funds are released to your company after every 2-week period + 5 business days that the customer has for objections to YouTeam,
  • if a situation occurs when the customer has paid for 80 hours/2 weeks and the hired specialist actually works for 70 hours/2weeks, the remaining hours should be deducted from the next invoice your company issues to the customer.

B. The standard payment scheme for fixed-price contracts is: deposit + instalments paid in advance to YouTeam Escrow according to time periods or milestones you’ve agreed on with the customer. Example:

  • you can break down a fixed sum of 10k USD into a 2.5k deposit + 3 same amount instalments paid every 2 weeks of your collaboration with the customer,
  • in this case the deposit would be received by your company after the first 2 weeks of work + 5 business days that the customer would have for objections to YouTeam; the same rules would apply to instalments.


A Customer Success Specialist will be assigned to the project by YouTeam to make sure you and the customer are happy with the collaboration process.

This specialist will also help you conduct a kick-off call with the customer before the work commences.

Feel free to contact your CSS whenever you have any questions about the collaboration with the customer or YouTeam.


Payoneer is used as the payment processor on all of YouTeam's projects except for those cases when both the customer and your company are incorporated in the US. 

Please note that Payoneer takes a processing fee from every invoice on the project - 1.2-1.7%.

Stripe is used as the payment processor in case both the customer and your company are incorporated in the US. Stripe processes payments free of charge.


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