⚠️ Warning: This guide contains a lot of screenshots, so zooming in and out is strongly advised.

Step 1. Log in to YouTeam platform

Please go to YouTeam login page and sign it using your account credentials:

Step 1.1. Are you new around here?

In case you're new to YouTeam platform, you first need to make sure that you have set up your Account Settings properly in order for the invoicing to work. Please go to "Your Company" then "Settings" and fill out all the mandatory fields.

If you need assistance with getting your account ready, please check out our How to set-up your account for invoicing.

Step 2. Go to the "Invoices" page then press "Add new"

Step 3. Customize the invoice 

When you add a new invoice the following fields should be filled out:

Make sure you follow the contract conditions your company accepted with the customer

     1. Servicing period. It defines a time segment when the services get provided to the Customer that is followed by money payout.
Specify the Start and Finish Date of the Servicing Period. You can type the date in the corresponding fields. Alternatively, you can put the cursor on the Start Date, press the left mouse button, and drag it to the Finish Date. This way both fields will be filled in at the same time. 

     2. Payment terms. Specify the number of calendar days before the invoice due date.
Contract. Select a company or a customer for whom the invoice is intended.
Currency. Specify invoice currency as in the contract.
Additional text. Add comments if needed.
Attached file (optional). Add time reports, estimates, etc..
Items. Specify the Type of service ("Hours" for Time and Materials or "Services" for Fixed Price billing models), Quantity, Item Description and Rate.
Preview. Once you’re done filling out all the fields, click "Preview". Your draft should look something like this:

After making sure that all the info provided in the invoice is accurate, you may send the invoice to the customer or keep it as draft to be sent soon. 

⚠️ Please note that once an invoice is sent to a customer, you can not modify it, so make sure there are no mistakes. 

Step 4. Monitor and supervise invoice status

Here are invoice statuses you'll encounter on YouTeam platform:

  • Draft. The invoice is still editable but it's not visible to the customer.
  • Open. Customer hasn't paid the invoice yet, he still has some time for that though.
  • In Escrow. Customer's payment hit YouTeam’s platform account and should be released to your company after the services get accepted.
  • Cleared. The funds were sent to your company bank account.
  • Overdue. The customer failed to pay the invoice within the due period. Customers receive reminders from YouTeam platform on overdue invoices every day, but sending them a kindly email reminder might be more effective. 
  • Payout Requested. You have requested a payout. The customer was notified about it and they have 7 calendar days to review and accept the delivery.
  • Delivery Accepted. The Customer has not provided any objections to the delivery and the payout process is going to be initiated automatically.
  • Disputed. The Customer has not accepted the delivery and the money would stay on YouTeam platform for the time of dispute resolution. We highly recommend to contact you customer for more details.

 Other useful tips:

Communicating a discount in invoices is essential for setting correct customer expectations regarding the costs of services your company provides and demonstrating your loyalty. For example, if you are about to sell your services for $5000 but your customer negotiated $4500 price with you it's recommended to add $5000 to the invoice as the cost of services and -$500 as a discount for the customer.

In order to add a discount to an invoice, select “Discount” item on the invoice creation page, provide “Item Description” and set a “Unit price”, which must be a negative number.

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