Step 1. Log in to YouTeam platform.

Please go to YouTeam login page and sign it using your account credentials:

Step 2. Go to "Your Company", then "Settings". 

Step 3. Fill out your company bank details for preferred currencies.

Please fill out these fields carefully and consult with your Finance department if needed.

  1. Beneficiary. Specify here your bank account holder Legal Entity Name. It must match your Company Legal Name otherwise payouts would not be available.
  2. IBAN or Account Number. Specify the International Bank Account Number or Account Number.
  3. Routing Number or Sort Code. Routing Number is required for US while Sort Code is required for UK companies.
  4. Swift code. Specify your Bank Swift Code.
  5. Bank name. Specify the Name of your Bank.
  6. Bank country. Specify your Bank Country.
  7. Bank state/country. If your Bank is outside USA, please fill the field with the same data you did for "Bank country".
  8. Bank address. Specify your Bank Street and Building numbers and the Postcode

Adding a bank account for a new currency

 Should you like to add one more bank account of your company with another currency press "Add new", select a currency and complete the Payment Details. 

Step 4. Fill out your business details.

  1. Company name. Specify your Company's Legal Name. 
  2. Business Legal Type. Choose a business type.
  3. Business Tax ID number/Business Registration number. Business Tax ID number is required for US companies while Business Registration number is required for companies outside of US.
  4. VAT number. If your company is registered in EU or the UK please specify your Company VAT ID otherwise you might be charged VAT fees. For more information please contact YouTeam representative.
  5. Certificate of incorporation. Attach a legal document relating to the formation of your company.
  6. Last 4 digits of SSN. This data is required for US-based companies by our payment processors for Know Your Customer procedure.

Step 5. Fill out your business address

  1. Country. Specify the country where your company is registered.
  2. Address. Specify your Company Street and building numbers and postcode
  3. City. Specify the city where your company is registered. 
  4. State. Applies to the US based companies only. Specify the state where your company is registered.
  5. ZIP code. Specify your company's zip code. 
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