Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers.

YouTeam does not list freelancers in its talent pool. All specialists here are middle & senior developers full-time employed at software development houses across South America and Eastern Europe. This means that when you hire them, they will be fully dedicated to your project only while their time and workplace will be organised and managed.

It's important to mention that all companies in our talent pool must go through our multi-stage due diligence process, which consists of reviewing their track record & 3rd party references, interviewing their staff at all levels, a thorough legal review, assessment of their processes & culture and allocation of technical test tasks to developers that are supposed to be listed on YouTeam.

YouTeam also provides a "concierge" service to each and every customer, offering a dedicated support from a Team Advisor in a process of hiring, and a Customer Success Manager who facilitates the communication between parties throughout the project (completely for free).


Hiring a software developer had never been easier

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