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How different is this from the traditional IT outsourcing?
How different is this from the traditional IT outsourcing?


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  • After the project request is sent, YouTeam's matching technology finds  profiles of developers that are a great fit for your project — and, importantly, we offer developers that are ready to start work in the next week or two. Instead of going to dozens of software development houses and spending your personal time on vetting them and developers, doing interviews, and negotiating contracts and pricing, you are served with all that info within one day.

  • You can see CVs and portfolios and handpick and interview developers before engaging with software houses that employ them.

  • Clients can hire a developer and commence work significantly quicker than traditional outsourcing, where it typically takes 6-8 weeks to launch work on a project.

  • The software development companies that provide developers for our talent pool undergo independent pre-vetting procedure done by YouTeam.

  • The skills of individual developers are independently verified + they get to go through a HackerRank for Work test.

  • Clients are appointed a client-side Customer Success Manager that will facilitate communication with the software developers as well as legal and financial questions.

  • Clients benefit from having a risk-free work process, with YouTeam provides instruments for escrow, ensuring that payment is made only on acceptance of work.


Hiring a software developer had never been easier

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