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Whom do I sign the contract with and pay?
Whom do I sign the contract with and pay?

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The standard contractual relationships can be described as follows:

  • Clients sign a direct contract with the chosen Vendor

  • Clients are bound by the User Agreement entered into on the YouTeam platform

  • YouTeam acts as an Agent for the Software Development Vendors in our talent pool

  • YouTeam acts as a billing/payment agent.

    The amount the Client pays via YouTeam in each payment period consists of two parts:

  • Engineer's rate which is transferred to the Vendor after clint's confirmation of the work delivery

  • YouTeam’s commission—10% of the engineer's rate. It covers services of finding and matching candidates in our talent pool of 20,000+ specialists, standardized contracts, invoicing, a secure payment system, and customer support in case of any possible questions during the whole period of work with the developer.


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