Step One. Send to your customer a time report or other kind of confirmation agreed with the customer on the delivery of services described in the invoice for which you want to receive a payment. 

Step Two. Click on the 'Request payout' button in front of the invoice that you expect to receive funds for. To do so, please go to YouTeam platform and sign into your account. 'Request payout' button should appear only in front of the invoices which 'Servicing Period' indicated in the invoice has ended.
The customer would receive a notification about your payout request.

Step Three.
 Wait 7 calendar days for the customer to review the services you have provided.  In case they have no objections to the delivery, the status of the invoice would change for “Delivery Accepted” and the payout process is going to be initiated automatically.

Should the customer has any objections, the invoice’s status would be changed to “Disputed” and the money would stay on YouTeam platform for the time of dispute resolution.

We highly recommend to contact your customer to receive more information on the issue and resolve it so the payment can be processed. If you need help of YouTeam support in this process please feel free to contact your Customer Success Specialist.

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