From July 2019, YouTeam has started testing developers’ skills with the help of HackerRank for Work (hereinafter referred to as HackerRank) — the market-leading technical skill assessment platform (more info on HackerRank here). HackerRank has an extensive test library: over 1500+ pre-built questions for 35+ languages and job roles including front-end, back-end, and full-stack engineers.

These tests are one of the industry standards for assessing the level of developers’ competence — more than 5 million developers have already passed them.
YouTeam’s goal is to make sure that only highly-skilled talents are listed on the platform and presented to potential customers.  

Benefits for Partner Companies

The profiles of those developers who pass the HackerRank test successfully** are granted a HackerRank badge, which serves as social proof of the developer’s competence. Moreover, based on the test results, the positioning of the talent profiles of those developers who successfully pass the HackerRank test will be altered. Mainly, those who pass the test are displayed at the top of the Search Results within a given technology. 

**YouTeam considers that a developer has passed a test if his/her score is equal or more than 40%.

How does the YouTeam procedure of passing a HackerRank test look?

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that HackerRank provides an opportunity to pass a short Sample Test in order for a developer to get familiar with the interface and the process itself. Please find the link to the Sample Test here

HackerRank has a genuine coding environment, so developers can demonstrate their true technical skills. The HackerRank coding environment supports familiar developer tools  so that developers can focus more on problem-solving and worry less about any irrelevant aspects of coding (each challenge page has an online editor embedded in the page for a developer to write and test code in. If a developer is more comfortable coding in his favorite IDE, he can always upload code to the challenge page when done).

In order to organize HackerRank testing for your developers and therefore improving their positioning at YouTeam, we will need the following information:

  1. Link to the developer’s profile at YouTeam
  2. Email address to send the test to 
  3. Dates when the developer could be available for testing - the test link will be valid for one week only after sending     

Note that a developer has two attempts to pass the HackerRank test. If he/she didn’t manage to pass the test by the second attempt, the third attempt can be made no earlier than 6 months from the date of the last attempt.

How long does the HackerRank assessment take?

It takes about 90 minutes for programming/coding, but no longer than 120 minutes as that’s a time limit set for the test. So, we recommend booking hours just in case.

HackerRank scoring 

Depending on the test, there are two ways of evaluating the answers - manual or automatic methods. Automatic evaluation is used for Coding, Multiple-choice and Sentence completion (Fill-in-the-blanks) type of Questions, where the developer’s answer is compared against a preset answer to check for correctness. Based on the comparison, a full score, partial score or no score is assigned. Questions that require the developer to define flow-diagrams or involve subjective answers are typically reviewed manually and assigned scores by the YouTeam CTO. 

Therefore, overall Test scores can include the sum of automatic and manually assigned scores (more info on scoring can be found in this article).

** Plagiarism  

HackerRank uses two algorithms for detecting plagiarism: Moss (Measure of Software Similarity) and String comparison, with the goal to identify candidate submissions with a likelihood of plagiarism by determining if codes are similar (please find more info here).

If HackerRank detects Plagiarism in the tests passed by developers assigned by our Partners, the YouTeam CTO reviews each full report and makes a decision as to whether a developer will pass a test or not.

Where/how can one access full reports and HackerRank scores?

After a developer completes and submits a HackerRank Test, we receive a detailed report with their answers. As soon as our Partner Relations Manager (usually within 2 working days) reviews it and puts the data into the platform, you can easily find all the info for your developers at the appropriate talent profiles.

HackerRank FAQ

For more info, please visit this page.

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