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How-to for YouTeam Customers
How to launch your project on YouTeam platform
How to launch your project on YouTeam platform
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Here are 5 easy steps of your project journey with YouTeam:

1. Finding a perfect match

Our Support Team helps you to find a team of engineers that fits your requirements. We conduct interview calls and assist you during the negotiation process.

When a perfect match is found, we prepare an NDA and a Service Agreement that is tailored for your project.

2) Paying the first invoice

Short after you sign a contract, your contractor will issue the first invoice. You will receive it over email. You can also find it in the Invoices section when you log in to your account on YouTeam platform.

The invoices are issued in advance of the Services to be provided in the upcoming Servicing Period. Usually, the Servicing Period is a two-weeks or a month-long. After the end of each, you receive deliverables and have 5 business days to review the result. Should you have no objections, the money would go to your Contractor after 5 business days or you can approve the delivery on YouTeam platform before that.

In case your contractor hasn't provided Services in accordance with your Contract technical requirements and/or Project Specifications please contact your Customer Success Specialist and we will postpone the payment until the dispute is settled.

Prior to the end of each Servicing Period, the contractor will be sending you a new invoice. It is important to pay it before the beginning of the new Servicing Period.

3) Kick-off Call and beginning of the work

After you pay the first invoice we conduct a kick-off call for you and your new team. 

The purpose of a kick-off call is to connect cooperation participants and to discuss project fundamentals such as:

  1. Project Management and Communication tools.

  2. Tasks creation, assignment, and reporting.

  3. Team members roles and responsibilities.

  4. Team Business and Support hours

  5. Time Reporting expectations.

  6. Project deadlines.

When these questions are settled, it's time to get more technical with your team.

4) Accepting the delivery

After the end of each Servicing Period, your contractor provides results of work and you have 5 business days to give your feedback. 

If you have no objections to the quality of the delivery, you can go to the invoices section on YouTeam platform and press a "Confirm" button to release the payout.

Please note that in case you do not press the "Confirm" button during the 5 business days, the system will consider that you have given the tacit approval of the delivery. 

In case you have any objections, please inform your Customer Success Manager about it so that we could postpone the payment until you settle the dispute with the contractor.

5) The release of the payment

After you have accepted the delivery, YouTeam releases the money to the contractor.

At this stage, to make the development process steady and smooth, please make sure that you have taken care of the new invoice.

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